Monday, July 25, 2011

Holger The Disco Freak

Holger beger Hintzen was eager to take the stage even at the tender age of five. Instead of playing with action figures, he would sing Top 40-hits into broom handles. He loved Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. People would call the Beger Hintzen's answering machine, just to hear Holger sing an outgoing jingle. Unfortunately, Holger suffered from a hyperactive gland problem, which caused him to sweat profusely after even the lightest physical activity.
Even though Holger was eager to show off his singing skills to his first crush, Christine, at age 7, he had to watch her recoil in horror as she saw sweat drops run down his cheeks during the nerve wracking performance of Blondie's "Call Me." He had brought his cassette recorder with him to her house to croon for her, and had donned a blonde Debbie Harry wig, but the wig slipped down his forehead into his eyes as he started feeling hot and its itchiness made him explode into spasmodic sneezing.Christine covered her mouth with her hands and shouted :"Ewwww!" Holger tore his wig off, threw it on the floor and stomped past Christine, out of the bedroom with his cassette recorder still playing "Call Me."
Luckily, Holger's mom doted on her only child and showered him with love and attention and an unparalleled belief in his show talents. She bought a video camera that was compatible with their Betamax video player, a little Sennheiser microphone and even installed a replica of Studio 54's Disco flashlights in the family basement hobby room.
She recorded Holger's first forays into re-enacting superstar performances, from Freddy Mercury to David Bowie and together they watched this performances on TV in rapt attention. Holger was chubby, wore glasses and had braces. But his mother saw a shining star in the making.
At age 11, when teased by his classmates about tumbling down a ski slope during a class skiing excursion, during which he broke his glasses and revealed his fleshy belly something happened to Holger. He vowed to become as photogenic as his idols. He had recently started reading the British avantgarde fashion magazine The Face and sported the New Romantic look of Duran Duran, purchased for him by his mom in a teenage boutique, but, who was he kidding, he looked more like the fat pirate guy from Adam Ant when he looked in the mirror.
So Holger went on a diet and started wearing contact lenses. A medical breakthrough in fighting excessive sweating with injections of botulinum toxic, now known as Botox, led to the miraculous disappearance of the product of his overactive glands.In fact, he smelled like peaches most of the time, now.
This change did not go unnoticed by the girls in his grade, who just recently discovered that kissing a boy may not be as disgusting as previously thought. The girls at school started talking behind Holger's back and giggling. An emboldened Holger meantime started inviting various girls indiscriminately to his house after school to perform karaoke for them, but none seemed too enthusiastic. Until one day in late August, when summer rain excluded all other fun activities for the girls. It was the first time Holger asked someone to slow dance with him. Eight years later, Holger changed his name to Ryan Seacrest.

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